Richard Southwick. When all the other kids were listening to Led Zepplin, Richard was obsessed with Artie Shaw and Louis Armstrong. He plays guitar, saxophone and clarinet in a variety of styles, and has performed played in a wide variety of jazz, blues, soul and R&B groups, up and down both US coasts, and in England.

Nathan Ladyzhensky describes himself as a recovering classical musician. He was a professional for many years, playing viola with the San Francisco Opera and Symphony, and performing with Frank Sinatra and others. After leaving the demands of a professional career, he now plays a variety of styles of music on a range of different instruments, arranging, composing, and generally having a good time.

Olivier Zyngier has played bass, guitar and mandolin in a variety of musical styles, including Swing, Bluegrass, Country, Gypsy Jazz, French traditional, Irish folk, and Klezmer. He is also or was previously with the Baguette Quartette, Bistro Moustache, Douce Ambiance, Redwing Bluegrass band, and the elusive Instant Klezmer Mandolin Orchestra.